Oferty - Mieszkania, Działki, Domy i Apartamenty w Hiszpanii

For investment purposes

It is excellent opportunity and time to buy a real property in Spain. Prices have never been that attractive and an offer has never been that rich and accessible. Investors may choose an exceptional apartment, house or luxury villa with excellent resale potential with almost any budget. The purchase of a real property in Spain has become a real alternative for Polish investors. Comparing to further purchases in Poland, an investment in a real property located on the attractive Spanish coast has much a bigger potential and generates a relatively smaller risk. Prices of similar facilities in both countries are comparable and cost to buy is practically identical. After stagnation, the market of mortgage loans has also intensified, which will improve parameters of such an investment even more at a small cost of money. For investors that value certainty and are not eager to take excessive risks, this is an excellent solution to diversify their portfolio and protect their capital against depreciation. To discount their profits, investors will have to wait several years in accordance with principles that govern real property investments. If an apartment or a house bought is situated in the attractive location, it may be also rented periodically, which may improve the final balance sheet of the project. Of course, it cannot be overestimated that you will use the property most of time.

For inspiration from an exceptional life style and culture

Because Costa Blanca is almost an ideal place to enjoy your life. Its climate, weather and atmosphere are exceptional and there are few other places in Europe that can offer that much to their inhabitants and residents. This is not just a destination of many family trips and romantic journeys. This is mainly a refugium for residents from all over Europe, who have decided to spend a part of their life here. When you buy a real property on Costa Blanca, you will meet numerous signs of residential culture being a peculiar combination of many foreign cultures and the Spanish temperament. In effect, this is one of the most open and friendly environments you will find outside your own country. This is the only experience of this kind since thousands of kilometres from Poland you will feel immediately at home.

For an excellent weather

Costa Blanca is 325 days of a blue sky and the sun. This is the essence of a climate which a multitude of Europeans dream about, in particular, those from countries located in the northern or moderate zone. Here, very long summers are dry and hot, but moderated by sea breeze or numerous mountain ranges. This is time of everyone that looks for a true summer and a season to practise sports which lasts long months here. Winters are short and extremely mild. On Costa Blanca, this is the time of residents who escape from severe freezing weather conditions in their own countries. But, if you desire for cold in summer for any reason, there is nothing simpler! You just need to go to the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada in the morning to ski. It will take you several hours to return and already in the evening you will be able to enjoy a party on the local hot beach.

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