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What is Azul Villa?

Experience and professionalism

For 12 years, we have been professionally connected with the Spanish market of real properties offered in Poland. Experience we have gained in the meantime is priceless for us and the analysis of lessons learned has become a basis for establishing our new sales structure that offers top quality, security and comfort to you.

There is strength in unity

By anticipating the existing market needs and taking into account market requirements and characteristics, we have established a system of closely related companies. Our group, which is a single fully integrated sales system, is composed of Azul Villa Properties in Spain and Azul Villa Sp. z o.o. in Poland.

What do we deal with?

We specialise in selling a wide range of Spanish real properties in the Polish market, including, in particular, the region of Costa Blanca. We also handle investments in Spain based on the establishment of special-purpose vehicles, business combinations, the organisation of events, legal and commercial consultancy.

Why do we succeed?

We choose offers presented in our site on the basis of careful preselection. We own many offers on an exclusivity basis. Therefore, we may offer facilities of exceptional investment, quality and esthetical parameters.

What distinguishes us?

We are at your disposal anytime and at any cooperation stage, both in Poland and in Spain. You have a direct contact with our managers. We are able to meet you in one of our exceptional offices. We are able to arrive at the specified address and talk to you about the purchase of your dream house. We do not finish our work when the notarial deed is signed. We help, advise, arrange necessary matters for you already on the spot in sunny Spain.

We appreciate our work

We appreciate and like our work. It has become our passion. It demands a lot from us; however, these requirements become our challenges. To fulfil our duties as best as possible, we could not forget about places where we would like to host you as often as possible. We have offices in Poland and in Spain. They were designed in such a manner so that to meet top functional and esthetical standards. Both our offices are located in key business places. They are easily accessible, near legal and notarial offices. They are perfectly communicated, with airports, as well.


Profile of our activities in the Spanish market

Real Estate Sales
Legal assistance
Business mediation
Event management

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