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Buying a real property in Spain

This is simple… Trust us...

The most important information concerning the purchase of a real property in Spain is for sure the fact that it is simple and, thanks to our help, pleasant, we hope. After we make you familiar with our offer and give you key information concerning a real property you are looking for, we will be able to prepare the precise schedule of your free stay in Spain. At the same time, we would like to make you familiar with our free service package which will make it easier for you to select your dream property. It will obviously make it also more pleasant.

The first step...

Contact our company in Poland or Spain to define basic parameters of a real property you are looking for. We will present and discuss a preliminary offer and prepare a list of additional requirements and expectations.

Visit in Spain

Your visit in Spain is another necessary stage. For us it is one of the most pleasant moments when the most important decisions concerning the choice of your dream real property are made.

We reserve a selected property

After parties agree on a transaction price, a reservation agreement is executed. The reservation agreement is a preliminary agreement and it must guarantee rights to buy a given real property for the defined time. A buyer must pay the earnest money of EUR 3 000 to EUR 6 000. This amount is accounted for the buying price. If the buying transaction time is extended, an additional deposit of 10% of the real property value must be paid. In the meantime, the property is inspected by our company in legal terms. We verify documents both at mortgage and land registers, as well as offices responsible for a local zoning plan.

Final purchase procedure

We commence the final purchase procedure after the customer accepts the selected property at the customer’s explicit request. Purchase is preceded with final price negotiation. Based on our long-lasting experience, we may guarantee that prices will be at the lowest possible level. A buyer may finance the purchase either with his/her own funds or with a mortgage loan. After the real property purchase form is selected, a bank account must be opened. This will enable to buy the property and pay necessary fixed charges connected with utilities, housing cooperative and taxes. This is also a necessary condition to apply for a mortgage loan. If a mortgage loan is used, at the latest one day before the property purchase notarial deed is signed, the defined funds must be available in the bank account opened with one of Spanish banks. This will be the remaining part of the full property price and funds necessary to pay purchase expenses. If the property is bought in cash, all purchase expenses must be paid within 30 business days of notarial deed signing. Funds may be transferred to the seller in the form of a guaranteed bank cheque issued by the buyer’s bank or, if the seller has a bank account with the same bank, by an internal transfer. In order to be valid, the property purchase agreement must be executed in the form of a notarial deed. Our company prepares all necessary documents connected with the mortgage loan and the purchase of the property for you. To ensure that the notarial agreement is signed without trouble, we try to deliver a draft thereof to you in advance. Before signing, one of our employees checks whether the document is legally correct and translates it to the buyer verbally. Of course, the customer may be assisted by a lawyer of his/her choice or a lawyer cooperating with our company (then documents are translated by the lawyer). When the notarial deed is signed, the buyer receives keys to the property.

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